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A world first in Fountain Pen Ink customization, Van Dieman's Ink from Launceston Tasmania, brings you FUSION - 5 Ink Mixing Kits with infinite possibilities.

Become your own InkSmith. Blend your own hue.

Authenticity from the Heart of Tasmania: Each Fusion pack is a testament to our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Developed and handmade with care in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, Van Dieman’s Fusion goes beyond mere ink, encapsulating passion, heritage, and pioneering spirit.


Elevate your inked expressions. Paint your tales with Van Dieman's Fusion.

We are giving away a free 100ml bottle of Van Dieman's Fountain Pen Ink Diluter and Rehydrator with every Fusion Ink Mixing Kit purchased up to and including November the 23rd. We have been doing this since Fusion launched, so anyone who has already purchased a Fusion Pack will have had a bottle of Ink Diluter included, free of charge.
We demonstrated in a video last week using our "Fountain Pen Ink Diluter and Rehydrator" alongside the Van Dieman's "Fusion" Ink mixing kits. This unique product allows you to lighten the shade and saturation of fountain pen inks. When coupled with the Fusion inks, which are extremely high saturation, this allows not only an infinite combination of hues, but also an infinite number of shades. They are great products when paired together, which is why we are giving away a free bottle, to allow people to see the full range of fun that can be had.
There is no need for a code at all. We will add your free bottle automatically.

Launch Video - Opening each kit

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Playing with a Fusion Kit

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