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Van Dieman's Ink

Van Dieman's Fountain Pen Ink Wetter

Van Dieman's Fountain Pen Ink Wetter

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Van Dieman's

Fountain Pen Ink Wetter


Van Dieman’s Fountain Pen Ink Wetter is for lowering the surface tension of fountain pen ink that is dry, scratchy or flows poorly. It also improves the overall writing quality of dry writing ink.

In a Nutshell

This fluid works by lowering the surface tension of your fountain pen ink, making it “wetter”. This will cause the ink to flow through your fountain pen faster and more smoothly. This prevents skipping and false starts and provides an overall smoother, more enjoyable writing experience.

What does the "Ink Wetter" do?

Surface tension is an important characteristic of ink as, among other things, it is a measure of how well a fluid flows. Inks with a higher surface tension flow more slowly, and also don’t absorb into paper as easily, so these are often called “dry” inks. Although some pens perform well or even better with dry inks, some pens need an ink to flow more easily, in other words, to be wetter. The fountain pen Ink wetter does a number of things. It lowers Surface Tension, making an ink flow more smoothly and absorb into paper more easily. It also has a chemical that prevents the formation of bubbles and foam, both of which can also inhibit ink flow. It also has a mild cleansing affect, which helps to remove grease, dried dye and microparticles like shimmer and dust from the pen. Finally, it contains a powerful broad-spectrum antimicrobial that will prevent mold and bacteria in both your ink and your pen for up to 48 months.

Demonstration Video

How to use the "Ink Wetter"


We recommend drawing off a portion of your chosen ink with the included pipette into a clean glass jar to test this product before using it in a full bottle of ink.

Using the included eye-dropper measure, for every 100ml of fountain pen ink, add 1.0ml of Ink Wetter. Stir your ink or recap and turn gently (do not shake vigorously). Fill a clean fountain pen with your ink and test for desired wetness.

For particularly dry, scratchy, poor flowing inks, add a further 1.0ml of Ink Wetter per 100ml of ink and refill your pen to test. We do not recommend exceeding 5.0ml of Ink Wetter per 100ml of ink.

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