Collection: Birds Of A Feather

The Birds of a Feather Collection by Van Dieman's Ink is a vibrant tribute to the avian wonders of the world. This collection comprises sixteen unique fountain pen inks, each inspired by the captivating colors and characteristics of different bird species.

From the vivid 'Anna's Hummingbird Face' to the serene 'Blue Jay Tail', each ink in this collection captures the essence of its namesake bird. These inks are not just about color, but about bringing the spirit and beauty of these birds to your writing and artwork.

Crafted in Launceston, Tasmania, these inks reflect our commitment to quality and our love for nature's palette. Whether you're an artist seeking inspiration, a writer looking to add a splash of color to your prose, or a bird lover wanting to celebrate your feathered friends, the Birds of a Feather Collection offers a unique way to express yourself.

Experience the joy of writing with the Birds of a Feather Collection, where every ink is a tribute to the beauty and diversity of our avian companions.