Collection: The Wilderness Series

Welcome to Van Dieman's Wilderness Series, a collection that is a true embodiment of the untouched, raw beauty of Tasmania's wilderness.

The Wilderness Series comprises ten meticulously crafted inks, each one a tribute to a specific aspect of Tasmania's wilderness, taking a deeper dive into the diverse landscapes and unique flora and fauna that define our home. From the stunningly beautiful Azure Kingfisher, with its entrancing blue plumage and fiery orange tones, to the Black-Tongue Spider Orchid, Devil's Kitchen, Eucalyptus Regnans, Federation Peak, Firetail Finch, Hanging Lake, Hastings Caves, Huon Pine, and the Spotted Sun Orchid, each ink tells a unique story of Tasmania's natural beauty.

The Wilderness Series is more than just a collection of inks; it's an invitation to explore the natural beauty of Tasmania. Each ink is a journey into the heart of Tasmania's wilderness, capturing the essence of its majestic landscapes, vibrant flora and fauna, and awe-inspiring vistas. These inks are not just for writing; they are for experiencing, for capturing moments of inspiration, for bringing a touch of Tasmania's wilderness into your everyday life.

We invite you to explore the Wilderness Series, to experience the beauty of Tasmania through our inks, and to bring a touch of the wild into your writing and artwork. Each ink in this series is a testament to our commitment to quality, authenticity, and a love for nature. We hope that our Wilderness Series inks inspire you as much as Tasmania's wilderness inspires us.