Van Dieman’s Ink and Pen Chalet Present: The Solar System Collection

Embark on an interstellar journey with Van Dieman’s Ink, in our latest collaboration with Pen Chalet: The Solar System Collection. This celestial series of nine exquisite fountain pen inks is a tribute to the awe-inspiring vastness of our solar system, encapsulating the essence of the Sun and each planet in our cosmic neighborhood.

Crafted with the meticulous care and creativity that Van Dieman’s Ink is renowned for, each ink in this collection is a unique blend of color, saturation, and texture, representing the distinct characteristics of these celestial bodies. From the fiery hues of the Sun to the serene blues of Neptune, the Solar System Collection invites writers and artists to explore the universe through their pens.

This collection is not just an array of colors; it's an odyssey. Each ink tells a story, reflecting the mysteries and marvels of the cosmos. Whether you're penning down your thoughts or creating art, these inks will transport you beyond the skies, right to the heart of our solar system.

Join us in celebrating the wonder of the cosmos with the Solar System Collection – a limited edition series where the art of writing meets the science of space.