Collection: Harvest


After 4 years, we bid farewell to the harvest collection. No future batches will be made, and we have discounted the last remaining stock. Don't miss this last chance.

Van Dieman's Harvest Collection is a delightful assortment of fountain pen inks inspired by the bountiful produce of Tasmania's fertile lands. Each ink in this collection is a tribute to the rich, vibrant colors and unique flavors of our homeland's harvest.

The "Wasabi" ink captures the fiery zest of the wasabi root, while "Apple Cider" embodies the sweet, tangy essence of freshly pressed apples. "Apricot" ink is a tribute to the soft, warm hues of ripe apricots, and "Beeswax" mirrors the golden glow of pure beeswax. "Beetroot Relish" ink is as rich and earthy as the vegetable it's named after, and "Blackberry Jam" is reminiscent of the deep, luscious tones of blackberries.

The "Eggplant" ink reflects the dark, glossy sheen of a ripe eggplant, while "Golden Nugget - Pumpkin" is a tribute to the vibrant orange of a ripe pumpkin. "Nutmeg" ink is as warm and spicy as the spice itself, and "Peanut Brittle" captures the golden-brown hues of this sweet treat.

"Rhubarb Crumble" ink is a tribute to the tart, vibrant red of rhubarb, and "Sweetheart Cherry" captures the deep, luscious red of ripe cherries. "Tasmanian Lavender" is a tribute to the soft, soothing hues of lavender fields, and "Tasmanian Saffron" captures the rich, golden hues of this precious spice.

Each ink in the Harvest Collection is a celebration of Tasmania's rich agricultural heritage, bringing the colors of our homeland's harvest to your pen and paper.