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Van Dieman's Ink

Van Dieman's Tasmania - Tasmanian Pink Robin - Fountain Pen Ink

Van Dieman's Tasmania - Tasmanian Pink Robin - Fountain Pen Ink

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"Say hello to 'Tasmanian Pink Robin,' a charming member of our Tasmania collection. This ink is a tribute to the Pink Breasted Robin, a delightful bird native to Australia's southern regions. Known for their vibrant pink plumage and cheerful song, these birds are a joy to behold, much like the ink we've created in their honor.

Tasmanian Pink Robin is a vibrant ink that straddles the line between hot pink and magenta, much like the striking plumage of its namesake. It's a color that's sure to make your writing pop, adding a dash of fun and flamboyance to your notes, letters, and artwork.

This ink is a celebration of Tasmania's diverse birdlife and the vibrant colors they bring to the island's landscapes. It's a color that tells a story of chirping melodies and fluttering wings, of the enduring allure of Tasmania's natural wonders.

Tasmanian Pink Robin is suitable for all types of pens. Its rich, versatile hue and smooth flow make it an excellent choice for a wide range of writing and drawing applications. But be warned: just like a real Pink Robin, this ink is sure to attract attention!

With Tasmanian Pink Robin, every stroke of your pen is a burst of color, a flutter of wings in the Tasmanian wilderness. Explore the full breadth of the Tasmania collection, each ink telling a unique story of Tasmania's natural wonders. But remember: no matter how vibrant your writing gets, it's all in good fun!"

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