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Van Dieman's Ink

Van Dieman's Tasmania - Styx Valley - Fountain Pen Ink

Van Dieman's Tasmania - Styx Valley - Fountain Pen Ink

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"Venture into the heart of Tasmania's wilderness with 'Styx Valley,' a unique offering from our Tasmania collection. This ink is inspired by the ancient forests of the Styx Valley, home to some of the tallest trees and flowering plants in the world. The valley's lush, mossy landscapes and towering tree canopies create a sense of awe and reverence, captured in the deep, dark green hues of this ink.

Styx Valley is a rich, arboreal green ink with undertones of moss and foliage. It's a color that reflects the verdant landscapes of the valley, from the dense undergrowth to the leafy canopies that filter the sunlight. The ink's deep saturation and smooth flow make it a joy to write with, bringing a touch of Tasmania's wilderness to your pen.

This ink is a celebration of Tasmania's natural heritage and the ancient ecosystems that make the island so unique. It's a color that tells a story of towering giants and lush undergrowth, of the enduring allure of Tasmania's old growth forests.

Styx Valley is suitable for all types of pens. Its rich, versatile hue and smooth flow make it an excellent choice for a wide range of writing and drawing applications.

With Styx Valley, every stroke of your pen is a journey into the wild, a step into Tasmania's breathtaking landscapes. Explore the full breadth of the Tasmania collection, each ink telling a unique story of Tasmania's natural wonders."
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