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Van Dieman's Ink

Van Dieman's Tasmania - Icy Great Lake - Shimmering Ink

Van Dieman's Tasmania - Icy Great Lake - Shimmering Ink

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Introducing 'Icy Great Lake,' a shimmering tribute from our Tasmania collection. This ink is inspired by the Great Lake of Tasmania's Central Plateau, a vast body of water known for its icy conditions, particularly during the winter months when the lake and its surroundings are often blanketed in snow.

Icy Great Lake is a beautiful icy blue shader, reminiscent of the lake's frozen surface under the winter sun. The added silvery blue shimmer gives the ink a sparkling quality, capturing the glint of sunlight on ice and snow. It's a color that brings to life the serene beauty of Tasmania's highlands, offering a unique writing experience that transports you to this remote and rugged landscape.

This ink is a tribute to the resilience of the workers who braved the harsh conditions to construct the dam on the Great Lake. Their efforts transformed the landscape, creating a reservoir that is not only a crucial water resource but also a testament to human ingenuity and perseverance.

This shimmering ink is suitable for dip pens, brushwork, and all fountain pens that can be easily disassembled for cleaning. For the best experience, pair it with a medium or broad nib that can truly bring out its shimmer and depth of color. As with all shimmer inks, we recommend gently turning the bottle to distribute the particles before use, as shaking can incorporate air bubbles that may clog the pen feed. Regular maintenance, including frequent flushing, is recommended when using this ink.

Let Icy Great Lake transport you to the snowy landscapes of Tasmania's Central Plateau, inspiring your writing and artwork with its unique characteristics and captivating charm. Explore the full breadth of the Tasmania collection, each ink telling a unique story of Tasmania's natural wonders.

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