Peanut Brittle Writing Sample

Peanut Brittle Writing Sample

As part of our focus on our Ink of the Day, here is a writing sample of Van Dieman's Harvest Peanut Brittle. This sample was done using a Nikko G nib in a standard dip pen, to demonstrate both thin and thick line variation. This shows off Peanut Brittle's amazing shading qualities, as well as just how effective it is in a pen. It stands out much more noticeably than other yellows yet is still light enough not to be classified a brown.

Here is another sample using a standard #5 fine nib pen (an old Jinhao demonstrator from an earlier life). Notice how much darker this ink appears with the thicker layer from the Nikko G.

The standout feature of this ink is just how well it performs in pens. Unlike other yellows, Peanut Brittle comes out quite dark and readable, and has a flow much more natural and thick than is usually expected from lighter coloured inks. This makes it an incredibly versatile product, for both writers and artists alike.

We are very proud to make this ink our first ever Ink of the Day, and it is Free with every order made before 11:59pm, November the 7th, 2020.

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