Black Truffle Writing Sample and Inspirtation

Black Truffle Writing Sample and Inspirtation

Our Second ink of the day of 2021 is Black Truffle, from our 5th series, Tassie Seasons.

Australia is the world's largest producer of truffles outside of Europe, and Tasmania was the birthplace of Australian truffles, when Tim Terry unearthed the first Tasmanian truffle in the winter of 1999, the result of 8 years work.

Along with fine wine, south seas salmon, an array of stone fruits, berries and exotic herbs, truffles make up a part of Tasmania's extraordinarily high quality culinary produce. This ink is the second black in the Van Dieman's Range, and has a noticeably brown hue when shading, with an oily black sheen on certain papers.


Black Truffle's naturally oily sheen gives it more of an appearance of ballpoint ink when writing than its cousin Devil Black, from the Original Colours of Tasmania.

It flows very well but tends towards the drier side and is best suited to medium to broad nib, or traditionally wetter flowing pens. It is has less shading qualities than Devil Black but it makes up for this in its glossy sheen.

The first writing sample above was done with a standard dip pen with Zebra G flex nib on Clairfontaine standard 90gsm blank paper. The second below was done using a generic medium nib on dip pen.


Tassie Seasons is the fifth series in Van Dieman's expanding collection of Tasmanian Fountain Pen Inks. These sixteen inks encapsulate the changing colours of Tasmania, with four inks dedicated to each season. Tassie Seasons is a mix of dark and light, warm and cool, every-day writing worthy and artistically minded colours, including two shimmer inks.

Here are the four Winter Inks from Tassie Seasons:

Tasmania is the only state in Australia with a truly temperate climate. Winter exhibits colourful festivals in the south, generous snowfalls in the central highlands, and foggy days in Launceston from July through to September. Cool and breezy spring days unveil a kaleidoscope of native flowers, vibrantly plumed birds and stunning butterflies. An abundance of local produce arrives in the summer, to be enjoyed with a day at the many beaches, and followed by the ominous summer storm. In Autumn enjoy late seasons figs and pepperberries and marvel at Australia's only native deciduous tree at the turning of the fagus.

We are very proud to present Black Truffle as our Second Ink of the Day of 2021, and a 30ml bottle of it is free when added to the cart with every order made before 11:59pm, January the 2nd, 2021.

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