A focus on Oakwood Brown

A focus on Oakwood Brown

Van Dieman's Oakwood Brown is a warm and nostalgic ink, which reminisces of Tasmania's Victorian heyday and the plethora of deciduous trees planted in her many pleasure gardens. These still decorate the city streets each Autumn with rich reds, golden yellows and luscious browns that make up this hue.
Here we offer some samples and usage of this chocolaty brown fountain pen ink.

Here are two paintings also highlighting Oakwood Brown in inkwash painting.

This Ink watercolour was done solely with Van Dieman's Inks and pencil on Canson Bleedproof Paper.

It was done with pen, dip pen, brush and water, and dabbing with tissue.

The Hare was painted primarily with Oakwood Brown from the Van Dieman's Original Colours of Tasmania and Nutmeg, from our most recent series, Harvest, and complimented with My Fair Audrey from the Hollywood Series. The eye was done with solely with Oakwood Brown.

The Butterfly was done with Firetail Finch, from the Wilderness SeriesRita Hayworth Locks from the Hollywood Series, and Black Truffle from Tassie Seasons.

The remainder of the picture was painted with Huon Pine, from the Wilderness Series, and Wineglass Bay from Tassie Seasons.


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