2023 Collection

Our Monthly Inks from 2023, and the entire year in a collector's boxed set

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Australia's Best Fountain Pen Ink

Handmade in Tasmania

Van Dieman's Ink is Tasmania's only fountain pen ink company. We design, make, bottle and label our inks by hand in micro-batch processes using at least 90% Australian Ingredients and Pure Tasmanian Mountain Spring Water. All our dyes and ingredients are non-toxic, vegan and environmentally friendly. Our fountain pen inks are unique in design and high in quality. Our inks are smooth flowing with little to no feather or bleedthrough, and a wide range of saturation and hue. Van Dieman's has been making inks since 2016 that are suitable for all major brands of fountain pens, as well as dip pens and brushwork.

Just Scribble Uses The Fusion Green Pack

Van Dieman's Fusion

Handmade Fountain Pen Ink Mixing Kits - Launched November 2023

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The Feline Collection

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Voyagers, our newest collection of captivating inks, is inspired by the audacious spirits of legendary explorers. Each colour encapsulates the essence of an intrepid adventurer who transcended boundaries and redefined the world as we know it. From Gudrid Far-Traveller's icy hues and Abel Tasman's dynamic duo-tones, to the unique multichromatic wonder of Woollarawarre Bennelong and the oceanic grandeur of Kay Cottee, each ink tells a story of courage, discovery, and unyielding spirit. Unleash your own adventurous spirit with Voyagers, and embark on a journey across the page that knows no bounds.

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Certified Australian Made and Owned

Van Dieman's Ink has ALWAYS been Australian Made and Owned in Launceston, Tasmania, by Australian born owners and Inksmiths Belinda and Peter Rix. We have recently applied and been approved for the Australian Made and Owned Logo, so now have the certification to prove it.

Every single bottle contains a minimum of 90% Australian Ingredients, including 100% Tasmanian Natural Mountain Spring Water and a wide array of Australian Made dyes and ingredients, and is hand-made in micro batches, hand bottled and hand labelled right here in our Ink Studio. With Van Dieman's Inks, you can truly know you are supporting Australian Made AND Owned!

Our Ink Additives

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